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Chocolate and Coffee Bean Fragrance. Limited Holiday Edition. 20ml UNISEX


Copyright Rose & Fontes, LLC 2022
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“Conta Di Ojo” Eau de Parfum

Boutique Batch style fragrance. Spicy, Powdery, Sweet, Woody scent. UNISEX. 25ml NO REFUNDS, RETURNS or EXCHANGES. ALL SALES FINAL PLEASE ALLOW 3-4 WEEKS U.S. SHIPPING ONLY AT THIS TIME.


“Conta Di Ojo” Sample Size

3ml Sample Size of “Conta Di Ojo” Eau De Parfum.



Each of our bottles and packaging are custum made with the signature ‘Conta Di Ojo’ black and white theme. Using locally purchased beads straight from vendors in Cabo Verde, each bottle is personally fixed with a single ‘Conta Di Ojo’ bead. You can remove the bead and use it on a necklace, bracelet or keychain to literally “wear a little luck.”

  • Spicy. Powdery. Sweet. Woody.
  • Top notes: Pink Pepper, Sugar Spice
  • Mid notes: Amber, Chocolate
  • Base notes: Leather, Agarwood, Bergamot

Production Value

copyright Rose & Fontes, LLC 2020
copyright Rose & Fontes, LLC 2020

Fragrance Allergies and Sensitivities

Some individuals may be allergic or sensitive to certain ingredients in cosmetics, or other products, even if those ingredients are safe for most people. Some components of fragrance formulas may have a potential to cause allergic reactions or sensitivities for some people.


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